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Waterfront Parking
As of July 2, 2014, non-residents are required to pay $3/hour with a daily max of $15 in all waterfront parking lots. Paid parking in these lots is enforced 24/7/365. For a map of all applicable parking lots, please click here.

The applicable parking lots include:
Johnson's Beach Lot
Marina Lot
Minet's Point Lot
North Centennial Lot
South Centennial Lot
Southshore Centre Lot
Tiffin Boat Launch *parking for vehicles with trailers only
Tyndale Park Lot
Lakeshore Drive between Simcoe St. & Minet's Point Rd.

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Downtown Parking
There are more than 2000 parking spaces within walking distance to the best restaurants, shopping, culture and entertainment in Downtown Barrie. Click here to see the Downtown Barrie Parking Map.

Enforced 9am-5pm Monday to Friday:
$1.25 per hour on-street*
$0.25 minimum parking payment 
$1.00 per hour off-street, $5.50 daily max
*not permitted from 3am-6am November-March
Free parking on evenings, weekends, and statutory holidays

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