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Visitors to Barrie are always stunned by the fantastic array of Barrie's publicly accessible walking, hiking, and biking trails.  Whether they line the waterfront, weave through flowered arboretums, or cut a path through majestic forests, Barrie's trails offer physical activity for all fitness levels, and are an attraction unique to our area.

Begin exploring Barrie's extensive network of trails with the 6.71-kilometre waterfront trail.  The trail offers paved as well as gravel sections, and thus can accommodate walking, jogging, rollerblading, or biking.  The trail offers refreshing breezes off the beautiful waters of Kempenfelt Bay on Lake Simcoe, and many benches, picnic tables and gazebos to take a break and fully enjoy the waterfront location.  Close to fantastic downtown dining and shopping, Barrie's waterfront trail is truly one of the City's treasures.

Grab lunch downtown before strapping on your helmet for a leisurely ride along the Oro Medonte Rail Trail, a 28-kilometre, abandoned CN rail line.  Running parallel to the west shore of Lake Simcoe, and picking up where the waterfront trail leaves off at Barrie's City limits, the Oro Medonte Trail offers additional biking, walking, or running action along a beautiful route.  With the concession lines of Oro intersecting at regular intervals, there are many chances to duck off the trail to enjoy a cold drink or rest.  Birding enthusiasts will be thrilled with the variety of species that inhabit the surrounding forest.

After dinner, enjoy a relaxing evening stroll through Barrie's beautiful Sunnidale Park.  Visit the Tranquility Garden, where benches and a soothing water feature provide a quiet refuge for rest and contemplation.  Or go to the Butterfly Garden, which uses colourful perennials, annuals, and shrubs to attract birds, insects and butterflies in all stages of their development.

In the morning, tie on your walking shoes to follow a trail enriched by fascinating history and vibrant wildlife.  The Nine Mile Portage, which begins at historic Fort Willow, was first used by the early aboriginal inhabitants of the area as a communications and trade route.  It later played a crucial role in the War of 1812 as a path for communication, personnel, and vital supplies and equipment, and was also an essential route for early explorers.  Begin at Fort Willow, itself home to original foundations, restored native gardens, and an important piece of Canadian history, and take a few hours to follow in these historic footprints across fields, through forests, and along roadways.  This trail is fantastic for birding and spotting all kinds of wildlife, as it runs through the Minesing Swamp, a protected wetland.  If you follow the trail to its conclusion, you will arrive at Barrie's waterfront Memorial Square, the birth place of the vibrant City that surrounds this spot today.

Barrie is home to such a vast network of intertwining trails that even an entire weekend dedicated to them is not enough time to follow them all.  The Ganaraska Trail, the North Simcoe Railtrail, numerous other trails in the Minesing Swamp, Copeland Forest Trails, and various other trails within City Parks are just some of the options available to a hiking and biking enthusiast.  With trailside scenery ranging from pristine open waters or babbling streams to noble old-growth forests and wildlife-rich swamps, Barrie's trail network leaves nothing to be desired.

**Please note all Itineraries are simply suggestions, are self-guided and not preset. Organizers must contact the individual attractions for admission, restaurants for reservations and hotels for available accommodations**