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Park Regulations

Park By-laws are regulated under the Municipal Code. For a complete list of Park By-laws, please visit the City of Barrie website for By-law 2010-033 and 2010-035.

1. Dog owners are required to clean up after their dog within the City limits. Dogs must be kept leashed in all City parks and trails, with the exception of a City-designated off-leash area. Dogs may only be walked ON-leash on designated walking paths in waterfront parks and NO dog may enter any water body. Aggressive dogs are not permitted in off-leash areas.
2. Motorized vehicles, other than authorized vehicles, are NOT allowed in the parks. This includes snowmobiles, motorbikes, ATV’s or automobiles.
3. For the safety of all park users, golfing is not permitted in City Parks.
4. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted in City Parks except during special events with permits.
5. Disorderly conduct, damage to any park element (including playgrounds, signs, trees, vegetation, etc.) and disturbance of wildlife is prohibited.
6. Fires, firearms and fireworks are prohibited.
7. Camping and overnight sleeping is not permitted.
8. Litter must be placed in receptacles provided for the deposit of refuse.
9. Matched games or races, such as football, baseball and cricket may only be played on the designated surfaces provided.