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Make fishing part of your summertime plan! Kempenfelt Bay is home to Perch, Bass, Whitefish, Walleye, and Lake Trout. You can also rent a boat and try your luck on Barrie's Little Lake. 

Fishing by boat is allowed anywhere in Kempenfelt Bay. Click here to find out about Barrie's public boat launches

Shoreline fishing along Barrie's waterfront is permitted except in the following areas: 
- At the docks at the foot of Bayfield St., and at the Southshore Community Centre 
- Near all public beaches 

Please note: A fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 18 in the Ontario. 
For information on Ontario fishing licenses and regulations, click here:   

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

In the winter months, Kempenfelt Bay becomes home to a village of ice huts.
Fishing Charters

Fishing Charters

Enjoy a day on Kempenfelt Bay, Lake Simcoe fishing for Lake Trout and White Fish.

From the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: Fishing and Hunting

Residents of Ontario are required to have an Outdoors Card in addition to a license to be able to fish & hunt in the province. Both the license and the Outdoors Card may be purchased from most sporting goods stores, tourist outfitters, hunting & fishing lodges as well as the Ministry of Natural Resources district offices. Canadian residents outside of Ontario must buy the Outdoors Card along with the license, with the exception of a one-day license, in which case an Outdoors Card is not issued. Non-residents of Canada are required to purchase the license only, at a slightly higher cost. For more information, please contact the Ministry of Natural Resources at 1-800-387-7011. The Huronia District Office (in Midhurst, just outside of Barrie) can be contacted at (705) 725-7500. 

For all your fishing gear, supplies and live bait when in Barrie take a trip to The Bait Bucket.

Fishing Tips! 

• Beginning anglers might have more luck with live bait than with lures, since you don't have to master the art of casting to dangle live bait.
• Keep in mind that minnows generally catch larger fish than worms, but worms usually result in the most bites, even if the fish are smaller.
• In hot weather, try your luck in the middle of the lake, since fish will seek the deeper, cooler water. In general, larger fish tend to stick to deeper waters.
• Though weeds might catch your hook, they provide great hiding spots for fish. Drop your bait just to the side of a weed bed to lure fish out.
• If you see minnows or small fish in the water, try dropping your hook here to catch larger fish that might be feeding nearby.
• Remember that everyone fishing in Ontario must have a proper license. One-day licenses are available. For information on Ontario fishing licenses and regulations, click here:
• Also remember that each species of fish has an open season depending on your location. For information on fishing seasons, and for help in identifying your catch, click here:

Tips for Fishing in Kempenfelt Bay:
• Expect to catch perch, bass, pike, walleye, rock bass, sunfish, and the odd pickerel.
• If you get out ice fishing, or venture out early in the season, you can catch whitefish and lake trout.
• Book your own charter and have someone guide you to the best fishing holes on the lake.
• There are no boat rental services right on Kempenfelt Bay, so bring your own boat to launch at Barrie's public boat launches, or cast from anywhere along the shoreline except from docks, beaches, walking trails, or the duck pond. 

Tips for Fishing in Little Lake:
• Expect to catch pike, pickerel, crappie, perch, and largemouth bass.
• Beginning anglers should have the most luck with live bait.
• In hot weather, fish from a boat in the deeper waters away from the shore, since the fish will seek cooler water. Fishing away from the shore will also help you to avoid weeds.

For more fishing tips and information, check out the following websites:

Let's Fish Ontario! (Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources)
*Download a copy of the Recreational Fishing Regulations Summary from this website for
all fishing regulations:  

Canadian National Sportfishing Foundation

Gofish Ontario

Ontario Federation of Hunters and Anglers

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