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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly an aircraft or do you know someone whose dream it is to fly a plane? If so, then this is the perfect gift for you! 

Barrie, Ontario
Tel: (905) 767-8512

Air Display Hot Air Balloon Team

From a passenger perspective, hot air balloon flight is a simple and comfortable experience. There is no swaying or feeling of motion during a balloon ride.  Fly with the attention you deserve. Air Display operates low capacity, hot air balloons.  We carry no more than five passengers (typically four adults) on each flight.

Air Display’s personalized flight notification gives you an advance weather forecast for your flight and an opportunity to have last minute questions answered.  Passengers are not asked to meet unless the weather outlook is promising.

Hot air ballooning is weather specific and patience is sometimes required during times the weather fails to cooperate.  For this reason, Air Display does not ask for payment in advance*.  If your flight is cancelled due to weather and your schedule is such that you are unable to rebook, there is no penalty.  Payment may be by cash, personal cheque, VISA or MasterCard.

*Third Party Hot Air Balloon Ride Certificates are paid for in advance.
*VISA or MasterCard is required to reserve a balloon ride.