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3910 Algonquin Avenue
Innisfil, Ontario L9S 2M3
Tel: (705) 791-8080

Heels Guided Goose & Duck Hunts

These exhilarating goose hunts will take place within a custom built ground pit blind within a corn, soybean or grain field. This blind will hold up to five hunters comfortably and provide excellent shooting opportunities from all angles. As guide, I would be in the pit while the four hunters are in the blind. I will be in the pit with you if there are four or less. This pit has sliding cover to conceal everyone at the same time.

All decoys are supplied and will be in place upon your arrival to the blind and I will be there to call and pick up the Geese or Ducks that are shot. Trip include transportation by ATV or truck and trailer to and from the pit.

Duck Hunting Trips also available, click here for more information and pricing.