How To Dress For Your Outdoor Winter Adventures in Barrie

All of the outdoor activities in Barrie will be more enjoyable if you’re properly dressed for them! Temperatures differ across Canada and the winters in Ontario can be extremely cold, especially with blowing wind (wind chill). That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, we just have to know how to dress appropriately! Dressing warmly can also help you stay outside and continue the fun for a longer time. Follow the steps and images below to know what you need to pack when preparing for your trip to Barrie this winter.

The Most Important Parts: Head, Hands, Ears, and Feet

Head and Ears
dressing for winter

We lose a lot of heat through our heads in the winter. You need to have either a toque, earmuffs, a headband, or any other type of hat that will keep your head and ears warm. You can also use a balaclava or face mask for both ear and face protection. These work especially well to fit under a helmet!

dressing for winter

Gloves or mitts for your hands are necessary to keep your hands warm and dry. If you prefer gloves to mitts, try to find ones with inner liners that fit inside the gloves comfortably to keep your hands extra warm. Another great tool to have is hand warmers.

winter boots

Warm boots that are lined as well as waterproof and have good grip are an absolute necessity! Whether it’s slushy, snowing, or icy you’ll always be warm and dry. Wool socks are a great thing to wear inside your boots to keep our toes warm. Remember: you want a little bit of wiggle room in your boots (even with thick wool socks on) so that you don’t end up with cold feet instead.

Dress Your Body in Layers

The Base Layer
Base layer for winter sports

A base layer such as long thermal underwear will help keep your skin dry as it transfers your body moisture to the next (mid) layer. Try to have a base layer in pants, tops, and socks.

The Mid Layers
Mid Layer for winter

A few mid-layers are good for insulation. You can always add a few additional inner layers here if it’s extra cold out. A mid-layer might be a light layer like a thin fleece or thin wool sweater. If it’s cooler, try a heavier fleece or wool sweater that will help trap the heat in your body.

The Top Layer
Top layer for winter

Your top layer – both coat and snow pants – should be waterproof and/or windproof to protect you from the various weather conditions that could happen at any time in Barrie during the winter season. Your coat and snow pants should be thick enough to keep you warm and heavy enough to keep the cold wind off your body. This layer will ensure that you are well insulated and maintain a consistent temperature.

Some Final Quick Tips

  • Avoid cotton (it can actually take heat away from you and doesn’t dry quickly or withstand sweat)
  • Mitts are warmer than gloves
  • Eat well, when you’re planning to be out in the cold to get your metabolism and heat going (its actually better to eat several snacks with fat content in them throughout the day than two heavy meals)
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol that will dehydrate you
  • Dress for the activity you’re doing (watching the kids skate vs. going skating)
  • Not having enough wiggle room in your boots results in cold feet
  • 30-50% of body heat is lost through your head

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