Let your taste buds adventure the world from home in Barrie, Ontario!

One of the best parts of travelling to different parts of the world is all the great new foods there are to try. However, when travelling abroad isn't possible, there are still many great ways to experience these delicious foods from home, here in Barrie!

The City of Barrie is home to people from a diverse range of cultures and, in return, offers a wide variety of restaurants from different backgrounds to try. Although we can't cover them all in just one post, let's get into some of the great food options from cultures all around the world that are available, right at home, in Barrie!

Taste of Asia
Tara Authentic Cuisine
When it comes to the phenomenal taste of India, word-of-mouth travels fast as regular visitors to Canada consistently make Tara a part of their vacationing experience. Brothers Yar and Nur Mohammad have committed over 18 years to tantalizing the palates of their customers. The phenomenal taste of their incredible tandoori and freshly baked bread will keep you coming back! Bringing new meaning to "ordering out," Tara boasts numerous overseas customers who request their meals be frozen and shipped via airplane.
Tara Indian Cuisine Front

Dosti Eats
Dosti Eats is bringing Street Food from around the world to Barrie! Inspired by the exotic flavours, the bright colours and the vibrant atmosphere of the world's best street markets. At Dosti Eats, you can find the Street Food of Italy, Greece, Mexico and India to the Barrie and area community. Dosti Eats provides options that you can feel good about - even if you are short on time. Using the finest and freshest ingredients, their food is available for you in ready-made, small batches, so when time is of the essence, you don't have to go to the drive-through.

Try some grilled Korean Style Skewers at Barrie's Skewers located at 9 Clapperton Street. Their skewers are a popular South Korean Street food consisting of small pieces of chicken and scallions grilled on a skewer coated with thick, sticky and addictive sauce. Freshly made everyday with no frozen ingredients. You have to try them!

Twisted Indian
Indian food with a twist! Twisted Indian Wraps is obsessed with serving fresh, flavourful Indian food made in front of you in no time! All of their recipes are prepared in the kitchen using time-consuming processes and made ready to serve, so when you come in for a meal, you can be served in under 5 minutes. Their wraps are served with a choice of Basmati, a choice of meat or vegetarian option, with freshly cut vegetables, and topped with freshly prepared chutneys.

European Flavours 

Il Buco Ristorante
For years, Il Buco Ristorante has captured the essence of Old-World authenticity with nostalgic Italian cuisine. The authentically created Italian dishes are made with fresh ingredients and created by a master chef whose influence is ever-present. Try out various dishes from the delicious menu and indulge in a bottle of vintage wine from their inviting dining room or back patio while taking in the spectacular view of Kempenfelt Bay!


Limoncello Bistro
Experience the authentic flavours of Italy at Limoncello Bistro presented by executive Chef Francesco Petrusa and his team. After growing up in an Italian family, Chef Francesco Petrusa found a passion for Italian cooking. This brought him all the way to Italy where he studied and worked for a couple of years. Upon his return to Barrie, he established Limoncello Bistro with his partner in the heart of the city. Experience a one-of-a-kind dining experience at their restaurant located in Downtown Barrie in an old rustic house matching their rustic southern Italian menu. Limoncello Bistro boasts freshly made ingredients that Chef Francesco's team prepares daily.

Sicilian Gourmet Pizza and Pasta
Savour the Mediterranean! Authentic from the start with hand tossing of the dough to the wood-burning oven, at Sicillian Gourmet they simply make the best pizza around! From your favourite classic dishes to over 50 gourmet choices on their menu, there's no way you'll be disappointed! Choose from sandwiches, pasta, salads, and other flavourful dishes! Each dish is carefully prepared to capture the perfect taste. Be sure to try their famous signature pasta dish, "Penne A La Vodka." Order online, take-out, and delivery services are available. Bon Apetito!


Chavo Crepes
Although you won't find yourself under the Eiffel Tower, the sweet and sinfully savoury crepes at Chavo Crepes will bring you a taste of Paris. Located in the heart of Downtown Barrie with a great view overlooking Kempenfelt Bay, their selection of crepes ranges from classics such as Chocolate & Strawberries, Ham& Cheese all the way to modern twists such as Cordon Bleu or their very own Crepe Roll. In addition to crepes, Chavos also offers a selection of both sweet & savoury Eastern European Pastries plus Baklava!
chavo crepes

Donaleighs Irish Pub
Donaleighs Irish Public House carries on the fine Irish tradition of great food, quality ales, and genuine hospitality. Located just east of Barrie's historic Five Corners, this landmark property has undergone extensive renovation to bring you Barrie's premiere Irish Public House. Whether it is a stool at the bar, a table in the library, a cozy booth or a spot on one of their two awesome new patios, you will find a place that is just right for you and your friends. Serving authentic Irish ales, lagers and stouts along with quality pub fare prepared from fresh ingredients by their amazing kitchen staff and served promptly with a smile from their friendly staff. 

McReilly's Pub
At McReilly's, they pride themselves in their delicious specialty dishes that taste just like home cooking. Some favourites you can look forward to are their traditional Irish Stew, Roast Beef Au Jus, McReilly's Chicken Club w/Roasted Red Peppers, Souvlaki w/Tzatsiki, Greek Salad & Rice, Homemade Chili & Lasagna and more. Their bar sports both domestic and imported from England, Ireland, Belgium, Scotland and more! On tap, they've got Harp, Guinness, Kilkenny, Strongbow, Smithwicks, Keith's Lager & Keith's Red, Bass, Stella Artois, Tennents, and more! Head there with friends or family and experience the comforts of home away from home, coupled with the feeling of enjoying a pub in a country across the pond.
McReilley's Patio
Casa Mia
The words' 'Casa Mia' can be translated to 'My Home' in Italian, and at Casa Mia, you can experience just that. Casa Mia Restaurant is a Greek and Italian Restaurant serving a huge menu of great Mediterranean options that will have you coming back for more! 
Casa Mia Bar

North American Favourites

North Country
Bringing Nashville straight to the heart of Downtown Barrie, at North Country, you can be sure to find smokey flavours and country music. Feel like you've been transported to the southern state of Tennessee in the USA. Serving some of the best BBQ in the area, check out Barrie's Authentic Barbecue restaurant located at the legendary 5 points.
BBQ ribs

Cocina Mexicana
Cocina Mexicana is not just a place where you can enjoy a Mexican meal; it is also a place where you are invited to enjoy a little bit of the Mexican culture, music and quality service for an incredible dining experience that will transport you beyond borders. As Barrie's first and only All You Can Eat 100% authentic Mexican restaurant, Cocina Mexicana is the place to go if you're looking to enjoy traditional dishes like Tacos, Garnachas, Enchiladas, Burritos, Carnitas, Nachos, with a variety of beverages including sangrias, mojitos, Palomas and much more!

Located in Downtown Barrie, this new addition to Dunlop Street is your place to go for plant-based Mexican food! Serving authentic, fresh and delicious food & drinks in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere, we're sure Mexhico is bound to become one of your new favourites in town, especially if you love vegan foods!
Mexhico Tacos

B'spoke Kitchen
B'Spoke Kitchen & Market offers a distinctive collection of restaurants, conveniently available in one place. Find Pirogi+, B'Spoke Bowls, Bangers and more, all in the one location in Downtown Barrie on Collier St! Their B'Spoke Bowls are not only wholesome, fresh, healthy and delicious, but they come in a variety of options inspired by cuisines all over the world. Try the Deconstructed Dragon Roll, Aztek or Mongolian bowls and enjoy delicious international flavours. And, at Pirogi+, do the same and switch up your regular favourite pirogis with flavours like their Cajun BLT, the Spicy Jerk, the Butter Chicken, their Chorizo Queso, and so many more!
B'Spoke Kitchen Food


More great options for international food experiences:

  • Sakana House: With 2 locations in Barrie, Sakana House is your place to go for mouth-watering all-you-can-eat Japanese and Chinese dishes. Find their locations at 750 Big Bay Point on the South End and 347 Cundles Rd E on the North End.
  • Com Pho Asia 2: Experience authentic Vietnamese cuisine in the North End of Barrie at Com Pho Asia 2. Com Pho Asia 2 provides you with the best tasting Vietnamese dishes in Barrie. From their classic pho to refreshing vermicelli bowls to superb fried rice, they have everything your heart might desire and more.
  • Tian Ya BBQ: Enjoy everyday Korean barbecue cooked on tables grills at this easygoing, all-you-can-eat restaurant. Not only is the food delicious but it’s extra fun cooking on the grill.
  • Chaopaya Thai Restaurant: Thai curries, noodles & rice dishes in a cozy, colourful spot filled with traditional art & decor. The management and kitchen staff are of Thai nationality and take pride in presenting their guests' authentic Thai cuisine from the "Land of Smiles."
  • The Mexican House: Bienvenido to the Mexican House, an authentic family owned Mexican Restaurant, Bar and Latin Market located at 304 Dunlop St W in Barrie. Serving a variety of flavours from Mexico and Latin American neighour countries where you can feel at 'home' no matter where you are from. 
  • The Irie Jerk: Providing authentic Jamaican cuisine in Barrie, Ontario, this casual, family-style restaurant is where you can find some of your favourite Jamaican dishes from jerk chicken to curry goat. Whether you’re stopping by for a quick lunch break, picking up dinner for you and the kids or ordering online, they have what you need.  
  • Tikka Fusion: Serving authentic Pakistani cuisine, Tikka Fusion serves up the best Pakistani cuisine in a friendly, casual atmosphere. Their team elevates the Pakistani food experience by serving dishes prepared with their original recipes and authentic cooking methods with a modern twist.
  • Tahini's: Tahini's prides itself on offering a combination of both delicious, authentic & healthy Middle Eastern & Mediterranean food with fast, friendly and reliable customer service. Try out their fusion dishes for delicious combinations of different cuisine from all over the world. 

Adventure from home!

Want to try your hand at making your favourite international dishes from home? No problem! Some of our favourite Barrie businesses can help you along the way to find the finest ingredients so that your creations can taste like the real deal and transport you across the world from the comfort of your home.

Olive Oil Co.   

At Olive Oil Co., you can sample and choose from the highest quality extra virgin olive oils harvested from the most current crops from around the globe or savour intense white and dark balsamic vinegar. With over 50 flavours to sample, plus gourmet oils, you're sure to find the perfect addition to your at-home international dishes. Olive Oil Co. also features a variety of gourmet specialty foods like pasta, pesto, spreads, aiolis, chocolate truffles, and more.
Taste-the-World tasting box

J'adore Fine Cheese, Chocolate & Bottle Shop
Located in downtown Barrie in a heartwarming building from 1875, J'adore carries a wide variety of fine cheeses, wines and spirits that you won't find at the grocery store or the LCBO. Their selection offers over 150 varieties of cheeses from all over the world, including soft, goat, raw, blue, and even vegan varieties. Once you try them, they will leave you wanting to return back for more! Also, choose from their selections of gourmet meats, baguettes, jellies & tapenades to complete your international setting at home.


Chelsea Chocolates
Chelsea Chocolates began its journey in 1995, creating the finest in hand-crafted, high-quality Belgian chocolates. Indulge in a selection of their delicious chocolates blending with unique products from icewine and whiskey to beer, cider, truffles, buttercream and much more

Chelsea Chocolates bars

Burnett's & Struth Scottish Regalia
At Burnett's, you can find their growing collection of fine-quality British & Irish foods, including traditional snacks, treats and ingredients. If you've ever wanted to try Cheese & Onion Crisps, Original English Mustard, a Yorkie bar, or HP Sauce straight from the UK, this is your place to get it!


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Also, let us know what other local gems are at the top of your list for international food adventures here in Barrie! 

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