Purchasing A Bike

Visit a specialty retailer who will be able to help you find the best and most reliable bike for you. Specialty retailers’ staff often have more knowledge about cycling and will be able to help you with any of your questions. Try visiting MEC or Bikeland in Barrie to purchase your bike.

Factor all costs in when you’re deciding on a budget, you’ll need lights, a lock, a helmet, a bell, and other safety accessories. These add-ons can add up quickly, so take that into consideration when making your initial purchase. Most safety accessories, such as lights, are required by law, so purchasing them will save you money in the long run by avoiding fines.

Think about which features are important to you before you enter the store. For example, if you want something fast, being lightweight will be important. Think about how much you care about comfort and if you will need to carry any cargo with you on your cycling trips.

When trying out a bike take note of the frame size. You should be able to stand flat footed over the frame of the bike with 2-5 cm of space.

Types of bikes:

Hybrids: Hybrid bikes are good on both pavement and dirt trails. Their tires are of medium thickness making them versatile.

Fitness bikes are designed for the road. They are lighter making them ideal for pavement with skinnier tires and aerodynamic features.

Mountain bikes are versatile and can be used on and off road, but not as fast as hybrids. They are typically more comfortable and will come with thick knobby tires, designed for dirt. If you are a beginner you should trade the dirt tires for smoothed pavement tires.



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