If you've got the need for speed, check out these options for fast-paced entertainment for the whole family! Rev up your vacation by visiting one of these great attractions.

Sunset International Speedway

6918 Yonge Street
Innisfil, ON, L9S 4V7
Tel: (705) 436-2445

VISIT OUR WEBSITE - www.sunsetspeedway.ca

Every weekend, starting the first weekend in May to the end of September, we host over 100 of Ontario's best Stock Car Drivers, in different classes and divisions, from Mini Stock, Super Stock, Late Model, as well as OSCAAR and more! We have seating for over 3,000 and also accommodate wheelchair access. We work each year to provide to charities by raising awareness and money at all of our races. 

I was thinking of how long Sunset Speedway has been providing the Best Stock Car Racing in Ontario, as this is our 45th season. Sunset Speedway is not just the Biggest Family Attraction but historically the first Family Attraction in Innisfil. Over the past 45 years we have had in excess of 1,000,000 visitors, which is a testament to the excitement it has provided to families. Unknown to many people that have visited in the past, is that in 2009 the entire track was torn out, replaced with an entire new 1/3 mile Hi Banked Oval Race track. The result is that Mark Dilley and Steve Slaughter, both with extensive history in racing made Sunset Speedway the best Race Track in Ontario, and we as the audience benefit.

Each week Mark Dilly and Steve Slaughter, provide over 100 of the top drivers, coming out weekly, some from as far away as Florida. Sean Grosman flies here weekly to compete in the Late Models. We are fortunate to have Spencer Lewis as our announcer, as I doubt very much if you will ever find anyone else that has the knowledge about race car drivers that he shares with the audience each night. Without a script he manages everyone’s excitement levels, driving people to the edge of their seats, as when his energy increases, so does the audiences.

Over the season I was able to speak with a lot of people that were experiencing their first evening, and the subject came up as to why did they come here. Families come here to spend family time with their kids, as some of them say they have 2 or 3 kids under 11 and the fact they get in for free, it’s the best value they see. The cost of an average night out at Sunset Speedway is less than $50 with drinks and popcorn, if you have kids under 11, compare the cost of a movie, well you’d be lucky to get change for $100, as well the kids would have to be still and in their seats. An evening at the track is a great way to have a sport team sharing a bonding night out, the excitement is provided each week by our cast of drivers. 

I had a conversation with one person who claimed that watching the races on TV was the best way, so I got him to close his eyes, I asked him “what do you hear” he replied “people and the roar of the cars”. I then asked him, “what do you feel” he replied “the pulsating throbs from the engines”. I asked him “what did he smell” he replied “rubber and fuel, and hot dogs, and food”. I then told him to open his eyes and asked him “what do you see,” he replied “powerful cars racing around the track so close they look like they will collide”. I then asked him “is this what you get on TV, sight, sound, feel, and smell, along with being there”? You have to experience all of it, not just a picture on a TV. That’s the reason we have had over a million visitors, join us to share what they experienced.

With the balance of the season for 2018, we still have excitement every week from May to October. Be one of the over million visitors to share a night out, and tell your friends, we are only 45 minutes from Toronto.

Remember: Sunset Speedway is where the Action is the Attraction! 

Visit our website for a full event schedule and more information!

Watch our video and learn more about Sunset Speedway now!

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