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Hazards And How To Handle Them

Railway tracks can be tricky to maneuver, be sure to cross them properly so you don’t fall or damage your bicycle. Tracks should be crossed at a right angle. If the tracks are at an angle to the road you will need more room to safely cross the track.

Shared paths can be dangerous because there may be other cyclists and pedestrians who are traveling in close proximity. When you’re riding on shared paths ensure to ride at a slow speed, use your bell to signal when approaching pedestrians or cyclists from behind, stop when pedestrians are crossing, and watch for cars around lane ways.

Surfaces become more slippery during and after a rain fall, it’s important to know how this will affect you when cycling. Note that your brakes will not be as effective in the rain, so you should allow extra time for braking. Be aware that your traction is reduced on wet roads and that it is important to make slow turns. Try your best to avoid puddles, metal, paint and wood which are very slippery when wet.