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Tourism Barrie is the official tourist office for the city of Barrie and operates the year-round visitor centre. We have been providing information about Barrie & Areas for over 35 years.

About Tourism Barrie

Tourism Barrie is a not-for-profit business association that provides a full range of unbiased information on events, accommodations, attractions, dining, shopping, and much more about the destination. As a Destination Marketing and Management Organization, Tourism Barrie represents tourism businesses and operators promoting and amplifying their products and services to visitors, residents' friends, and families. 

Tourism Barrie's purpose is to effectively market Barrie & Area as a destination for leisure, meeting, and event travellers. Our goals are to inspire and attract visitors to the region, encourage them to stay longer, and ensure they return. This is done by working together and working with our partners, and industry leaders.

Tourism Barrie operates the city of Barrie's official tourism websites and social media: TourismBarrie.comWinterFun.caSportBarrie.comBarrieByBike.ca



More About Tourism Barrie

The organization works and collaborates with tourism industry businesses, and together both are committed to the growth of the destination and cultivating the 'Barrie Experience.'

As a Destination Marketing & Management Organization, Tourism Barrie will continue to build and protect the "Barrie" brand identity and drive tourists, visiting friends, family, and the community to your business. 

Tourism Barrie will: 
• Be the curator of the destination's stories and tell the stories; 
• Connect visitor experience with residents' quality of life; 
• Participate in building platforms for the visitor experience; 
• Capitalize on social media and smart technology to engage and access residents, industry, and markets; 
• Create millions of digital impressions of the Barrie brand; 
• Play a central role in advocacy for the destination. Tourism Barrie takes the leadership role in engaging with both visitors and the community to create and deliver compelling stories about the authentic experiences and uniqueness of Barrie & Area. 

Tourism Barrie's focus is to inspire travellers to enjoy recreational, leisure, cultural and culinary Barrie Experiences and drive them to your business through our marketing campaigns, websites, social media channels, and print materials.

Tourism Barrie's 2022-2023 Marketing Campaigns and Strategies will focus on: 
OBJECTIVE 1 – Re-Engage & Revitalize Marketing Channels 
OBJECTIVE 2 – Identify & Reach Optimal and Qualified Travellers 
OBJECTIVE 3 – Digital Destination Storytelling 
OBJECTIVE 4 – Big, Bold & Striking Brand-Building Initiatives 
OBJECTIVE 5 – Reinvent Meetings, Conferences, and Events
OBJECTIVE 6 – Community Values