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Barrie Sports Dome

The Barrie Sports Dome indoor driving range is open from November through April. Different than a simulator, our indoor driving range gives you the chance to see an actual ball flight. Keep your swing tuned with a lesson or clinic with one of our golf professionals. Hourly, monthly, and seasonal driving range memberships are available.

Bazooka ball combines paintball and Nerf for a one of a kind, high adrenaline event! Join in the combat using real paintball gear – but instead of paintballs, we use 2-inch foam balls. This provides all the fun but without the pain or mess! Great for ages 6+, bazooka ball runs indoors at the Barrie Sports Dome - 'where the weather is always perfect!' 

Drop-In for some Friday night reball (just like paintball but without the mess)! Bring your own equipment or use one of our rental markers to join in with the fast-paced fun. Experienced referees and a variety of field setups from week to week make it so everyone will have a blast trying to take out their opponent!

Get the gang together for some bubble soccer - we guarantee you’ll never laugh so much in your life! Knock over your opponents while encased in a bubble suit and try to avoid getting rolled over yourself! Our event manager will run you through a series of game styles such as bubble soccer, bubble football, somersault races, king of the hill, and so much more.

Bring out your inner archer with some Arrow Tag. Arrow Tag is just like dodgeball, but instead of using balls, you get to fire foam tipped arrows at your foes using real, full sized bows! Dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge your way to glory as you eliminate your opponents one by one on the battlefield. But pay close attention or else you might be the one taking on fire!

The Barrie Sports Dome offers a premium location for all kinds of parties whether you're looking to celebrate a birthday, team party, or corporate event. You also have the option to include the Barrie Sports Dome's Sidelines Lounge with your rental if you'd like to have an area for food, drinks, cake, etc.

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