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Metric Conversion for Weather
Canadian weather reports are given in metric terms. Temperature is measured in degrees Celsius (C), rain in millimetres, snowfall in centimetres and wind speed & visibility in kilometres per hour.

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion
F = Temperature C x 1.8, then add 32
0C = 32F
10C = 50F
20C = 68F 

Blooming spring flowers and warming temperatures are characteristic of spring. Bring your raincoat for April, to admire the flowers in May!        

Summer is prime tourist season in Barrie, with long, warm days and comfortable evenings. For the beginning and end of summer, it is best to bring a light over layer for evenings and cooler days.

The fall colours in our area are second to none. Early autumn continues to be mild, however warmer clothes should be brought for later in the season, as well as cool evenings.

Winter is a spectacular time to visit our area, with great skiing and outdoor activities. Check out our Winter Festivals where we gather together to embrace the cold!

Average Temperature (Celsius):
January - -8.1 C
February - -7.1C
March - -2.2 C
April - 10.6 C
May - 18.1 C
June - 23.4 C
July - 26.0 C
August - 24.8 C
September - 20.1 C
October - 13.2 C
November - 6.1 C
December - -4.0 C

Average Rainfall (mm)/Snowfall (cm):
January - 80.2 cm
February - 39.5 cm
March - 28.1 cm
April - 57.8 mm (5 cm)
May - 77.2 mm
June - 86.6 mm
July - 73.4 mm
August - 92.6 mm
September - 97.6 mm
October - 74.3 mm (2.5 cm)
November - 62.1 mm (20.6 cm)
December - 62.4 cm