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Forest Bathing with Beth

Allow me to guide you as you immerse yourself in the quiet, calm, rejuvenation and healing of a forest bathing walk. A series of invitations will help you unwind and de-stress by slowing down, deepening your connection with nature and engaging all your senses. Guided Forest Bathing walks lower anxiety and blood pressure, lighten the effects of depression, and heighten one's creativity, sense of wellness, happiness and calm. Come with a friend or come alone. Slip into something more comfortable.

Your Guide Beth Foster:
Having wandered in the woods all my life, I delight in educating and guiding others to an awareness and understanding of the healing power of nature and trees as a tool for peace and prosperity. I believe that, in order to restore balance to our planetary and emotional health, we must reignite a deeper and more sustainable connection between humans and the earth. Whether you need to problem-solve, unwind, be creative, have fun or replenish your soul, peace and restoration in nature awaits.
With decades of interest and experience in outdoor education, counselling, drama and improv, I look forward to guiding you to a quieter, calmer place, both inwardly and externally, as we wander and wonder in the undiscovered parts and magical nooks of Barrie's beautiful Sunnidale Park. I am fully certified as a Guide and Trail Certification Consultant through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides since 2018, as well as a member of the Ontario College of Teachers with a Master's in education.

Beth Foster 
ANFT Nature and Forest Therapy Guide
Trail Certification Consultant