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Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain

Visit Blue Mountain’s iconic Thermal Spa destination! The award-winning Scandinave Spa Blue Mountain offers a relaxation journey nestled in the heart of nature minutes from downtown Collingwood & Blue Mountain Resort. Guests are invited to completely disconnect and immerse themselves in an adventure in wellness. 
The Spa offers a variety of Massage treatments and the Thermal Journey experience which includes large outdoor Hot Baths, Cold Plunges, Waterfalls, Saunas, a Eucalyptus Steam Room, Outdoor Fireplaces, and indoor/outdoor relaxation areas situated in a natural forest setting.  

The Thermal Journey begins as the body is warmed in a hot bath, sauna or steam room which opens the pores and begins the detoxifying process. Then, a plunge into cold water (or snow!) rinses the toxins from the skin and closes the pores. The plunge also increases the heart rate and enhances blood circulation throughout the body. The third stage, that of relaxation, helps re-establish equilibrium as systems return to a normal resting state. With the repetition of these three sequences, the body detoxifies, the mind calms, and the spirit soars. 

Reserve and Relax at Scandinave Spa.

Scandinave Spa is open daily from 9am-9pm year-round. Guests can reserve Massage treatments or their guaranteed access to the Thermal Journey online or by phone. Same day walk-ups may be available for the Thermal Journey, however if the spa is at capacity, guests may be subject to a wait list which can be joined online. Guests must be 18+ years old to enjoy the spa.