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Chatime is the first global tea chain to bring authentic Taiwanese tea beverages to the market, with over 1000 locations worldwide in 26 countries.  

Chatime was the first to introduce comprehensive drink customization, allowing customers to choose their preferred sugar and ice levels. Patrons can enjoy a tea beverage from over 100 drink choices in 8 categories, both hot and cold drinks. 

In addition to a varied menu of innovative tea beverages, Chatime also offers a wide selection of toppings, many of which area made fresh in store each day. Topping options include pearls, Brown sugar Pearl, grass jelly, aloe vera, coconut jelly, rainbow jelly, pudding, Crystal Boba, sea salt crema and so on. 

Chatime also provides special drinks of Nespresso for coffee lovers, such as Espresso Signature Milk Tea, Espresso Thai, Espresso Smoothie, Espresso Brown Sugar Pearls, and Espresso Oat Latte.
Chatime Barrie