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Bliss Beneath

What a woman wears next to her skin are among the pieces she wears for the most hours in a day; on average, 15 hours. It may seem like a small thing, but when these pieces are uncomfortable, fit poorly, or are maybe just unappealing, they can have an enormous cumulative negative impact on your every day.


Conversely, when what a woman wears closest to her skin is comfortable, well-fitted, and appealing to her, the positive impact has a ripple effect. How would it feel to reach into your lingerie, swimwear, or pyjama drawers and love your choices? Envision a day with no adjusting, tucking, or tugging your bra. How about a workout where you feel supported and secure? Walking down a beach and feeling confident in your bathing suit! Or waking up in the morning with your breasts still inside your pretty nightie.


Bliss Beneath was born from founder and owner Tamara Disaverio’s desire to help her clients feel the best they can about themselves.  From AA cups to JJ cups and beyond, all women benefit from properly fitted, quality garments at a wallet friendly price point. No matter our age, shape, or size, we all deserve to feel comfortable, confident, happy, and beautiful. There is no one definition of femininity, and we all deserve to fit!"


Treat yourself or someone you love to an award-winning, 5-star rated, first class lingerie and swimwear fit experience right here in Barrie, Ontario.


Please take a moment to read our over *200* 5-star reviews on Google and Facebook!

Inside shop image - bras and swimsuits
inside shop - bras and swimsuits
inside shop - bras and swimsuits
Bliss Beneath dressing room