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The Flag Store

The Flag Store opened for business in 1965 in the small town of Thornton, Ontario - just one hour’s drive north of Toronto. We quickly became known as the company who could make a business, a cottage or an event burst with colour and pride.

In 1965 any individual could walk into our store and ask, "Can you put this on a flag?" ...and our response was almost always – YES!

Today, 50 years later, at our New Head Office and Factory located in the south-end of Barrie, the same original Burke Family still takes great pride in offering the same service, the same quality and the same personal guidance to all customers who require custom flags and flagpoles. We also offer many other choices of “soft” advertising for your company, your event,  your family name or your location.

Head over to our website www.theflagstore.ca or call our Thornton Retail Store, and we can help you with any order, 705-458-2409.  Seven days a week!

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Canada flag
Canada Flag